Immigrants And The American Dream Summary

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Clark, William A. V. Immigrants and the American Dream: Remaking the Middle Class. New
York: Guilford, June 2003. Print.
The United States has absorbed nearly 10 million immigrants in the past decade. This book examines who the new immigrants are, where they live, and who among them are gaining entry into the American middle class. Discussed are the complex factors that promote or hinder immigrant success, as well as the varying opportunities and constraints met by those living in particular regions. Extensive data are synthesized on key dimensions of immigrant achievement: income level, professional status, and rates of homeownership and political participation. Also provided is a balanced analysis of the effects of immigration on broader socioeconomic, geographic, and political trends. Examining the extent to which contemporary immigrants are realizing the American dream, this book explores crucial policy questions and challenges that face our diversifying society.
Conelly, Mark. The Sundance Reader, 7th Edition.
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with regards to immigration. Several poll questions suggest that immigrants are unequivocal in their desire to remain in the United States and are enthusiastic about being U.S. citizens. The vast majority of immigrants do prefer U.S. to their homeland when it comes to job opportunities available for themselves and their children, and most think the United States superior in terms of legal justice. Two-thirds of all immigrants also think the chances of being treated fairly under the law are better in the United States; only 15% think the chances are better in their homeland. Poll findings suggest ethnicity is not related to general feeling of welcomeness, but age at the time of immigration is. Those who came to the United States in their teen years are much more likely to have felt discriminated against than those who arrived as children or

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