Immigrants Coming To America Analysis

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If I told you that to go on vacation you would have to try multi-able times and risk death to go on your vacation, but what if that vacation gave you a new beginning a new reason to work hard a reason to wake up in the morning would you still go. That's the question these immigrants these outsiders this is what they have to go through to come to our country, but yet we still don't want them to come to our country. These people are just like us human beings with the same body parts and interests, but yet we treat them like they are not excepted here that they are outcasts. We are all immigrants to the world to the United States and if we are welcomed why aren't they. They have to go through this struggle of life or death just to come here you…show more content…
Enrique said "they really screwed me" talking about the men who beat him up and kicked him off the train. This really shows how hard it is because Enrique had just failed for his sixth time and has to try again another day he keeps telling himself that he will make it at some point this shows him struggling to go to America. Another quote that made it more complicated for me was on page 47 a man is talking about who when the people take this journey they deserve what ever comes to them even death, the man specifically said "this is what they get for taking this journey." This made it more complicated because you would assume that people would want them to succeed and not fail but it's the opposite they don't care for them they think what they are doing are crazy and they shouldn't be complaining and just live there lives. This book was a very eye opening experience for me and my views on immigration it mad me rethink what immigration really is and who is affected because it's not just the people immigrating its

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