Immigrant Contributions To Society

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Immigrants have made a tremendous contribution to our modern society. Their discoveries are taught today and they are very influential to our culture. They have created many jobs, as well as helped the economy become more eco- friendly. Their inventions improved technology, allowing it to be faster and more powerful. Immigrants have greatly contributed to education, the economy, and modern technology in America today. Albert Einstein is a great example of an immigrant who has made significant accomplishments in the field of education. One example is his most famous theory, the theory of relativity, as one of its equations is the well- known E=mc2. This describes the relationship of time, energy, and movement. In modern physics, this…show more content…
First and foremost, he is an environmentalist as he is reduce car gas emissions with his electric Tesla cars and spreading the use of solar panels with his company, SolarCity (Prenzler). Secondly, the entrepreneur is also an example to future entrepreneurs that the method of building a startup company and then selling it to create a bigger company is an effective method (“Elon Musk”). Musk used this method properly and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs to use this method, too. Next, Musk’s company, SpaceX, is helping out the space industry by being a private space company that pushing for more exploration and discovery, including making progress in space with its 29 total successful launches since the company started (Prenzler). Lastly, he co- founded a company called X, which is now Paypal, that makes making transactions online so much easier and is very helpful to today's economy (“Elon Musk”). As one can see, elon Musk has made a greatly affected our economy in a positive way, going way past just creating jobs, but improving the economy through environmentalism, being an example to future entrepreneurs and
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