Gloria Estefan's Influence On The Fashion Industry

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America is known as the melting pot of the world because of the diverse and blended cultures that are located throughout the country. America accepts people from all different places and ethnicities in the world and allows them to join in, in being a part of this wonderful country. These are only but a few of the reasons so many people dream of coming to America to start a new life. What would America be like without the thousands of immigrants that have shaped its culture? Immigrants have contributed to the world of fashion, the music industry, and the entertainment business of America in significant ways. Levi Strauss, who was an immigrant, had a prosperous career in the fashion industry. He first came to America in the year 1847 with his…show more content…
Estefan first came to the United States of America when she was a infant with her parents from Havana, Cuba. Her career began when she started to work with a group called the Miami Sound Machine, where she met her future husband Emilio Estefan (Gloria Estefan Biography). The bands first American hits were “Bad Boy” and “Words Get In The Way” (Gloria Estefan Biography). Gloria Estefan is most known for her biggest hit “Conga” which came out in 1985 (Johnston). The band was very successful and toured around the world. In 2007, “90 Millas” - her 29th album- landed 11th in the Latin Female Artists of the Year. Today, Estefan continues with her music career, but has no plans to come out with new music for…show more content…
Portman immigrated to the U.S as a toddler from the country of Israel with her two parents (Natalie Portman Biography). During Natalie’s career she also graduated with honors from Harvard University (Natalie Portman Biography). Portman is most famous for her roles as Queen Amidala in the Star Wars Series, playing Jacqueline Kennedy in the film Jackie, and Nina Sayers in Black Swan (Natalie Portman Biography). Natalie Portman has also received various awards. Such as, in 2011 Portman was awarded with an Academy Award for her lead role in the drama, Black Swan and nominations for Golden Globes and Oscars (Natalie Portman

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