Immigrants In America

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America is known as the melting pot of the world because of the diverse and blended cultures that are located throughout the country. America accepts people from all different places and ethnicities in the world and allows them to join in, in being a part of this wonderful country. These are only but a few of the reasons so many people dream of coming to America to start a new life. What would America be like without the thousands of immigrants that have shaped its culture? Immigrants have contributed to the world of fashion, the music industry, and the entertainment business of America in significant ways. Levi Strauss, who was an immigrant, had a prosperous career in the fashion industry. He first came to America in the year 1847 with his mother and his two sisters (Harris). During the California Gold Rush, Strauss traveled to Colma, California to sell clothing to miners. A few years later, Strauss became partners with a man, who was an immigrant, named Jacob Davis. Davis and Strauss received a patent to create pants with metal rivets (Harris). These pants with metal rivets later went on to be known as jeans. Strauss owned his own manufacturing plant where he not only made jeans, but also made jean shirts and jean jackets. During Levi’s career he also faced problems. Such as how people illegally copied his own designs even though he had a patent (Harris). Without Levi Strauss the fashion industry would be deprived of his creative ideas. The Queen of Latina Pop or more
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