Immigrants Promote Religion

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To What Extent can Immigrants Perpetuate to Promote Culture and Religion?

Immigration is an integral part of Canada’s history as they are the reason why Canada is so diverse today. Canada may be diverse right now, but if immigrants like Muslims cannot do basic things like wearing a hijab, it may not be for long. Immigrants should have the ability to continually promote their culture and religion. They can do this because it is in the Charter, in the Multiculturalism Act, and it does not bring harm to others. Canada’s diversity is what makes it so welcoming. However, when immigrants arrive, they realize that the diversity was more of a mask that covered how unequally newcomers were treated.

First of all, immigrants can continue to promote
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According to this act, the regime has to agnize and promote the fact that multiculturalism is what makes Canada diverse. This designates that if someone (or a group of people) were to put a stop to immigrants practicing their religion, they would be breaking a federal law. The Multiculturalism Act states,” recognize and promote the understanding that multiculturalism reflects the cultural and racial diversity of Canadian society and acknowledges the freedom of all members of Canadian society to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage.” The act also ensures that all individuals receive equal treatment and equal protection under the law; while at the same time respecting and valuing their diversity. Furthermore, an example of this law being broken is by the Parti Quebecois. In September of 2014, they promulgated that they’ll instigate a Quebec charter that would veto workers from wearing religious symbols and headgear, including hijabs, kippas, and turbans. Additionally, The PQ’s Charter contravenes Equality Rights (Sec.15) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The announcement that PQ made is truly depressing as it breaks two official documents at once with no consequences, regardless of the amount of protests and…show more content…
The theory/fear that if an extravagant quantity of immigrants from other cultures arrive, they could disrupt Canadian culture is false, because Canadian culture reaches out to audiences outside of Canada. An example of this would be movies made in the Canadian film industry. Movies like the Trailer Park Boys (takes place in Nova Scotia and has many references to Canadian culture) have grossed million dollars in 2014 and the long running show of the same name continues to make a profit. Francophones such as those in the town of Hérouxville fear that Francophone culture has the possibility of going extinct if an extravagant quantity of immigrants come to their town to settle. A Hérouxvillois named Mary states,” We need rules or soon enough we won 't feel chez nous [home]. It will become like the Conquest of 1759, when the British ran everything and the little Québécois were exploited. In the long term, where will our roots be if we 're invaded by other religions?”. In the long term, where will our roots be if we 're invaded by other religions?” This verbal expression is obviously mendacious, as Francophone culture is still thriving today. Sure, Francophones may be the minority, but they’ve been the minority for the past 100 years. Keep in mind that 100 years ago, immigration policies were very categorical and racist, meaning that not
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