Immigrants Should NOT Be Legally Entering The United States

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Immigration occurs quite frequently in the United States. The US is one of the world’s biggest immigration centers, and this causes some serious problems. Immigration is always a hot topic, especially during elections. People are always talking about it, but can never seem to agree. One person might believe that immigration laws need to be radically changed, while other believe the policies are fine. These laws must be changed however. The process must become easier so that those who truly want independence and a new life can achieve these desires, instead of being turned down. To a lot of people who are not originally from America, citizenship is seen as freedom. These people really want a new beginning with a lot of possibilities. They want better jobs and a better life but this life is often denied because of the citizenship process. Immigrants have a less than one percent chance of gaining their freedom, which is chosen through a sometimes biased lottery system. This lottery allowed just over 750,000 people to…show more content…
This will not be the case. If someone is here illegally, they should be removed from the country immediately. However, someone who is trying to earn their ability to enter the country the correct way should not have a strenuous time doing it. Legally entering the United States should not take years to happen. It should be handled quickly and citizenship should be given to those who work hard and are loyal to the country. Immigration laws obviously need serious reforms. It should not be a lottery, and definitely should not be biased. The United States needs more hard workers, but then rejects those who try to enter. The process of citizenship should not be an arduous task. Also, those who are inside the country illegally should be given serious punishment and should not be allowed to stay under any
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