Immigrate To America Essay

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Many people from my country of Vietnam have a prevalent dream to immigrate to the United States or at least visit the U.S. once in their life time. What makes the U.S. momentous? Why don’t we choose Japan or Canada? It looks like there is something in the U.S. that no other country has. There are many reasons for people from my country want to immigrate to the United States such as the following: better education, food and food safety, employment and family reunion. Some people in my country might be trying to give their children better lives by living somewhere where they can have better access to education. So, the educational opportunity is the first essential reason for our immigration to the U.S. There are a variety of educational systems here from public,…show more content…
Living in a potent economic country, immigrants like us have found more chances of employment from low skilled level to professional level with increased salary. We can get better pay compared to what we can get in our country. The dollar value is also much higher and more stable than many other countries’ currency which gives us a chance to support relatives still residing back in our native land. Finally, we come to the United States because we have our families already residing here and we desire to be reunited with them. Through family-sponsored immigration, a U.S. citizen can sponsor his or her spouse, parents, brothers and sisters. Lots of people from my country come here through marriages, so then they are able to sponsor their family members to the U.S. and experience a better life. Therefore, the amount of my country’s immigrants increase year by year. In conclusion, if we add up the economic benefits, job opportunities and improved standard of living, we will have a desirable place to live for anyone who was born into a third world country. Therefore, whatever the reasons are, the United States not only offers
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