Immigrate To The American Dream

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America is known as the land of opportunity. Anyone can come here with nothing and build themselves up to become the richest person in the world. Or so we are told. With today’s economic hardships and a government that seems to be full of the rich trying to get richer, it seem impossible for others to get rich. Maybe someone can make a living and have an improved life from where they came from. The so-called American Dream does not exist in a sense of becoming extremely wealthy. The real American Dream means anyone can come here and overcome obstacles to improve their life. Everyday people immigrate to America for the American Dream but it includes many costs. Impoverished families from other nations cannot afford to fly or sail here and they…show more content…
In America today there is much anti-immigrant sentiment. Every time the news is turned on, another person is saying they will work to keep immigrants out. They say that immigrants steal jobs and that they are scum trying to screw the hard working Americans out of their hard earned money. Now more than ever with the upcoming election the issue is at the forefront of politics. With some politicians wanting to build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out, it seems as if all Americans hate immigrants. There is no dream that involves coming to a country filled with people of hate. It cannot be better to leave a country to come to one that will do anything to kick them out. The so-called American Dream does not involve people coming to American and getting persecuted and hated. During the Industrial Revolution, Horatio Alger wrote stories about people coming from nothing to getting everything. These stories were perfect examples of the so-called American Dream because even if someone came from a humble background, they could still succeed to become a Carnegie or a Rockefeller. In reality though, this was not possible. There was no way anyone could succeed with the robber barons controlling all industry and pay. The American Dream definitely did not exist back
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