Immigration And Crime Analysis

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The three papers that have been reviewed and discussed throughout the most of the third chapter refer to the situations in three different countries. The authors conducted research with the aim of discovering if there is a causal relationship between the immigration and crime. All of the papers focus on a similar time period, varying between the 1980’s and 2000’s. . Furthermore, all of the research offer almost the same results. .
The results of a research conducted in the UK are presented in the paper by Brian Bell, Francesco Fasani, and Stephen Machin. Bell and his colleges made a very good introduction into the topic, clearly stating and explaining the immigration waves which
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The whole process has been presented through a variety of tables and graph, which show the movement of rates. Every step of the research, as well as the each table in the text, were explained in details. This way, it was easy to follow and understand the results, reasons behind them and the whole process of the analysis. Fasani, Bell, and Machin did a very impressive job, making it interesting and readable even for someone who is not very familiar with Econometrics and the topic itself. The second paper that has been reviewed refers to the immigration and its’ relationship with crime across the US metropolitan areas. The authors, Kristin F. Butcher and Anne Morison Piehl firstly made a brief introduction into the immigration flow examined. They also analyzed personal and demographic characteristic, trying to find out if there is a bond between the immigration and crime rates.…show more content…
Starting with the total stock of immigrants in a city, continuing with including only the recent ones and finishing with analyzing the individuals, the paper offers results from different aspects. This way it can be seen how crime is affected when observed from different perspectives. The well-explained tables followed every analysis, which made it easier to follow the path of the research. The authors offered and explanation of their result, also stating some possible problems which could have had an effect on it. Lastly, Butcher and Piehl stated the ways of overcoming these problems and conducting a trustworthy analysis, convincing the reader that their results are indeed trustworthy. . The last research paper that has been reviewed is written by Milo Bianchi, Paolo Buonanno, and Paolo Pinotti and considers the immigration flows in Italy. This paper, in comparison to the other two, lacks in details and consistency. The research process has been explained very briefly, while the data used was not very convincing. It seems as if the authors relied on the assumptions rather than facts while collecting the data. The analysis itself was not easy to follow, due to the lack of explanations and the structure of the paper
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