Immigration And Illegal Immigration

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Immigration, it has been the defining characteristic of many countries as it helped to create a diversified environment. Throughout history persons have decided to relocate for a variety of reasons which has undoubtedly molded our now reality. There are quite a number of pull and push factors that contribute to people movement. According to James M. Rubenstein (2014) “Pull factors induces people to move out of their present location whereas a pull factor induces persons to move into a new location.” When these factors are taken into consideration we are able to dwell specifically on the reasons persons choose to make this lifetime decision. Migration studies would examine patterns migrants would take in an effort to understand which of these…show more content…
Illegal immigration has assisted the economy of The Bahamas and The United States. Illegal immigrants are able to take on jobs that persons would not generally aim for. According to recent statistics, illegal immigrants are often not skilled and tend to find job in the restaurant, landscaping or hotel industry. In another light, unskilled workers would also contribute highly to manual labor jobs as entry level jobs in this area normally carries no qualification requirements. This is ideal for an immigrant and Bahamians often feel too overqualified to do the work given to illegal immigrants. Generally, illegal immigrants may work in construction, cultivation, and other jobs that demand physical strength. Employing them gives employers a chance to reduce expenses and retain faithful employees in areas that many citizens would consider overqualified to work in. Moreover, these types of jobs pay less and employers are able to cut down on the amount of money they would have to pay out in wages. Statistical evidence can assume and not confirm the correct number of persons who choose to migrate illegally. According to Immigration in the United States. (2013), “MPI estimates, about 8.1 million (71 percent of the total unauthorized population) unauthorized immigrants in the 2008-12 period were born in Mexico and other Central America countries. About 1.5 million (13 percent) were from Asia; 817,000 (7 percent) from South America; 455,000 (4 percent) from Europe, Canada, or Oceania; 317,000 (3 percent) from Africa; and 225,000 (2 percent) from the Caribbean. Mexico (58 percent), Guatemala (6 percent), El Salvador (3 percent), Honduras (2 percent), and China (2 percent) were the top five countries of birth of the unauthorized immigrant
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