Immigration And Immigrants In Canada

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Canada is a multicultural country where diverse cultures, groups and ideologies coexist. Plenty of people continuously come in Canada due to various reasons which make some issues such as employment, residence, communication and even identical problems between newcomers and locals.
According to the report of IRHC minutes (2017), in the province of Ontario has been cooperating with various organizations and regions to offer kind of services and programs for the resettlement of immigrants. This is quite a lot helpful for newcomers; however, some people with nationality in Canada do not welcome those policies due to raised social issues during in the processing.
Our group presentation was based on kind of immigration issues: why immigration became the social issues? What do people have perspective about immigration? How does the society help them? From what I heard that, many people welcome them while some local people are worried about increasing of immigrants due to financial burden like a using a lot taxes and disappeared unique culture in Canada as well as unemployment, health care and educational system. Nevertheless, my perspective is that we should focus on assistance rather than rule them out. Since plenty of people simply come up with the definition of the immigration that people move from one country to another; however, it is more complicated. Therefore, the society should give more helping hand to newcomers than indifference.
Welcome Centre Immigrant Services are
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