Social Issues In Canada

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Canada is a multicultural country where diverse cultures, groups and ideologies coexist. Plenty of people continuously come in Canada due to various reasons which make some issues such as employment, residence, communication and even identical problems between newcomers and locals.
According to the report of IRHC minutes (2017), in the province of Ontario has been cooperating with various organizations and regions to offer kind of services and programs for the resettlement of immigrants. This is quite a lot helpful for newcomers; however, some people with nationality in Canada do not welcome those policies due to raised social issues during in the processing.
Our group presentation was based on kind of immigration issues: why immigration
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According to the story of Hoda, who was from Egypt, she had been an insufficient English skill when arrived in Canada. Yet, after using the agency’s program, she got noticeably improved in English skill. After that, she followed the staff’s advice, and it led to the learning in Childhood Education program at Seneca College. As a result, she got a job when she graduated (Success, n. d). However, in this point, I wonder that how changed, if the agency guided her related to her original educational background. Is not a faster track to find new life? In reality, although immigrants have been well educated in their country, a lot of newcomers have been exposed to working longer hours, lower salaries and physical labor than local people due to lack of understanding in Canadian culture or language ability. Besides, immigrants have often been seen as less worthy of resources. I think it is one of the significant social issues that undervalued or ignored of the immigrants careers and abilities when they try to launch a new life in Canada. Therefore, the agency should help them to be able to build both sides stability and identity when guide

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