Essay On Immigration In America

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Fixing immigration in America In America the problem of immigration is shrouded by hate, distrust, and anger from the multitudes of races involved. In the last few decades this issue has become wide spread and very divisive. For registered immigrants and people born in America the influx of people allows for a fear of job loss or change of cultural identity. For the issue of immigration, the solution for both illegal and legal, will be to incorporate them as American citizens as well as increasing border security to ensure that this privilege is not abused. This will aid the issue by quickly allowing partial to full citizenship for all immigrants, allowing the government to keep track of all people in the country, and to reduce the fear and…show more content…
The idea of immigrants being seen as violent people can be traced back to one of the most well known events of the 21st century, the attacks on the Twin Towers, “With many of the 19 hijackers in the terrorist bombings of September 11, 2001, being illegal aliens, the debate over illegal immigration was renewed”(Powell 1). This misconception is just the tipping point with many event of gang violence fueling this issue. According to a survey of one hundred high school students, fifty seven percent of students believe that Immigration is harmful to American economy and culture. While this may be staggering, it may be due in part to the overall problem in America. According to a specialist, Ronald Ludwig, “People think that immigrants coming into this country are taking blue collar jobs, but as we have seen in Kansas, immigrants are also coming in and taking white collar jobs” It is due to this confusion that many believe that many believe that immigrants are keeping jobs are raising unemployment by removing the job openings from the unemployed
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