Immigration Argumentative Essay

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There is a major problem in this country today. Millions of migrants are traversing the U.S. and Mexico border, hoping for a better life for themselves in the “Land of the free, home of the brave”. These people are having to cross miles and miles of desert, all the while being attacked by dehydration, heat stroke, poisonous animals, and worst of all roving gangs of “minutemen”, vigilantes killing and maiming immigrants to “protect” america. Yet once these peaceful people reach the gate to “the american dream”, they are often turned away, and often thousands of miles away from home, the desperate people will illegally cross the border, but why were they not let through in the first place? The politicians in Washington may debate, and re-debate,…show more content…
The idea behind this misconception is that immigrants don’t or won’t pay taxes, and are often breaking laws. It’s understandable why you and I think this, but with a bit of research, and a little logic, the thought seems more and more irrational. For starters, let's think about the breaking laws idea. You would think that as more and more people, immigrants or other, that the crime rate would go up, but that’s not true. Multiple social and economic groups have gone into the field the search for information, and have come out with some surprising results: the crime rate stays about the same. This may seem surprising, but the explanation for this is surprisingly simple. The immigrants coming here to the states want to start a new life for themselves, and if they are undocumented, they will want to stay out of trouble, as to not risk deportation. What's more, according to a multitude of sources, such as immigration, over 70% of undocumented immigrants pay state and federal taxes, totaling to over 11.8 billion dollars. In one case, according to, the immigrants paid over 3 percent more than the top one percent of taxpayers. Overall, these people are not doing anything illegal, other than cross the border without
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