Immigration As A Positive Influence On The Global Economy

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Should we consider immigration as a positive influence on the global economy?
Every day, people over the whole world are on the move to take up permanent or semi-permanent residence in another country or in another place within the country they currently reside. We are talking about hundreds of people a day, who are on the move. This migration of humans affects population characteristics and patterns, cultural and social patterns and processes, physical environments and of course economies. According to numbers of the UN there were around 154 million international migrants in the world in 1990 which has risen to an all-time high of 232 million international migrants in the year 2013. This proves that we as humans are constantly on the move.
Nowadays it is argued if immigration has a positive influence on the economy in countries all over the world and that immigrants contribute something to the economy of a country. The question: should we consider immigration as a positive influence on the global economy, is raised. Immigrants and the global economy is a complex issue, there are many different opinions and the perspective of some people is just based on their anxiety. Several people such as Steven Woolfie are completely convinced that migration has a negative impact on the economy of the world. Some of these people are afraid of what migration could change in their life. On the other hand we have people like Gavin Laurence Barewell; British politician of the
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