Illegal Immigration Benefits

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The United States of America is built upon the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is a country were individuality is celebrated, where differences are acknowledged and respected, where dreams become reality and where more is never too much. The success of the American dream has allowed it to lose its geographic limits and to reach people beyond the country´s borders. Today, not only American citizens, but people from all over the world believe what America has invited them to believe; that they deserve equality in terms of opportunity and freedom, that they have the capacity of accomplishing their life goals if they work with passion and determination. The American dream has changed the way people see life. It is a source…show more content…
“Big companies encourage illegal immigration because they can hire a person to do the job for half the salary” (Dillon). Still, hiring illegal immigrants benefits the immigrants more than the lack of protection and rights they have harms them. The big companies’ private success benefits the country and is, in the long term, a public success. Hiring illegal immigrants for less money benefits them, benefits the immigrants, and benefits the economy of the entire country. It’s a gain, gain situation. Illegal immigrants do the jobs that makes it possible for the big companies to function. Their role is a key role. Immigrant’s absence would represent a huge vacuum in terms of production, and that is something that a country like America, which relies on efficiency when it comes to getting things done, cannot afford. Every existing job represents a necessity, and immigrant’s job, just like any other person´s job, is to fulfill that necessity. America´s immigrant population is as high as immigrant contribution. The US economic landscape would be completely different if it were based on American citizens alone. Immigrants don’t come alone; they bring their ideas and their money with them. They force the country to have an open mind. They keep channels with other countries opened for business purposes. They create a diversity that attracts clients, and set the ground for cultural and philosophical interchange. They are a basic necessity, and the country´s economy relies on
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