Immigration Crisis Thesis

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Thesis statement Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing war or seeking new lives have flooded into Europe. Many countries are struggling to cope with the crisis. According the news from CNN:”Austria, Germany near tipping point” The foundations for protecting refugees and migrants are a humane approach to human suffering and adherence to international humanitarian law. An improved screening and resettlement process would also improve the West's muddled response to today's displacement crisis. Introduction of the Immigration crisis Migrants and refugees flooding into Europe from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia have presented European leaders and policymakers with their greatest challenge since the debt crisis. The International…show more content…
But that has caused tensions, especially in France, where squalid, makeshift Roma camps have been torn down by police. The crisis has caused major disruption to road and rail travel between Austria and its neighbours. Crowds of migrants have gathered at Vienna's main stations, waiting for trains to take them north. The failure to handle the current migrant influx marks the consequences of years of social policies that have left Europe less democratic, more politically and economically polarized, and cynically fearful of outsiders. The Greek financial crisis revealed the cannibalization of democracy by market forces; the migration crisis reveals the fallout of neoliberal trade and development schemes, along with militarism, beyond Europe’s borders. How has politicians responded? Croatia overwhelmed by flood of migrants, EU calls…show more content…
The world is watching us. Now is the time for each and every one to take responsibility.” Conclusion Though Europe seems to be rumbling slowly toward a solution, the migrant crisis looks sure to get worse before it gets better. Authorities are struggling to cope with managing large groups of migrants, let alone processing their asylum claims. The crisis has been brewing for a long time, however, with the number of asylum claims in Europe increasing dramatically over the last few years and expected to rise further. The European Union is unlikely to introduce a substantial reform in its asylum policies. Without a comprehensive plan, Europe will continue reacting to events, triggering more domino effects as countries take uncoordinated unilateral steps to protect their interests. The main threat to the free movement of people in Europe is that emergency measures could become the new normal, progressively weakening the Schengen agreement to the point it becomes unrecognizable, just like the Dublin

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