Immigration Equation: Immigrants In The United States

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Immigrants are becoming part of American culture. Many citizens are worried about losing the American culture, and lifestyle. There are also citizens that believe immigrants have a good impact for the United States. The debate on immigration has been going on for years. However, whether immigrants are deported or welcomed, there is no perfect solution. Not every immigrant will have a positive effect, but overall immigrants are good for America. The first reason is that foreigners can benefit Americans’ knowledge. A variety of new people, ideas, food, entertainment and more come from immigrants. “Diversity brings more tolerance for people…” If people can understand each other better and be more aware, there would be more tolerance. People…show more content…
Anyone allowed in the U.S. has a risk of threat, including Americans, but the chances are slim. In an article called, “The Immigration Equation,” by Roger Lowenstein, the author says that “…if every immigrant were a doctor, the theory is, it would be bad for doctors already here.” Most immigrants do not have any educational degree. There are many careers that require a degree, and those are likely taken by Native Americans. On top of immigrant’s educational disadvantage, there is a cultural disadvantage. According to an article called, “International students bring many benefits to Kansas colleges, educators say,” by Suzanne Perez Tobias from the Wichita Eagle, many international students refrain from doing certain things because it is forbidden, or is considered bad manners in their country. She also says many speak little to no English. It is hard to take advantage of available support without any English, which leaves more room for Americans. The article may talk about students, but same can be said for any foreigner. This problem also creates more employment opportunities, having more interpreters. The struggle of immigrants helps America and other immigrants rather than be of
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