Should Illegal Immigrants Get Driver License Essay

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Illegal immigrants are going over boarders daily and want to make a living outside their own countries. We must decide if it would be the best for our country to give them the right to apply and go for valid driver’s licenses.

Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get driver licenses?
It 's surprising to me that this is even a valid question. I already know a certain group that will jump on my back for stating my opinion so for those I speak of say what you will, it matters not! OK, the simple answer... Because immigrants are illegally in the country! What other countries tolerate illegal immigration? Maybe Britain?
Other countries, why don 't they educate their selves on how their country treats illegal immigration then come
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Proponents of issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens have argued that it would improve national security and road safety. The security argument is spurious, because illegal aliens often use aliases and phony documents, so the alien’s identity and residence is not established as a result of the driver’s license process...”
The argument about road safety relies on a faulty assumption that if illegal aliens are legally licensed to drive, they will all have accident insurance. But even if a state requires automobile insurance as a condition of getting a license, that does not keep an illegal alien from cancelling the policy the next day. Illegal aliens generally are working in low-wage jobs and have difficulty affording insurance, and their cars are frequently older and more accident-prone.
Additionally, illegal aliens often are not able to read road alerts in English. In many of the countries from which illegal aliens come, it is standard practice for motorists involved in accidents to flee the scene. The combination of these factors adds up to the probability that, if more illegal aliens were encouraged to drive by issuing them driver’s licenses, it would lead to more accidents caused by uninsured motorists and many would be hit and
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