Advantages Of Migration To The USA

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Immigration is a worldwide phenomenon. Better income, higher education and improved living standard are the goals of every immigrant searching for safety and stability. They move from their homeland leaving their jobs, homes and some also leave their families to search for a better job. There are advantages of immigration for the host country such as job vacancies that immigrants fill for minimum wages. Income growth that results from buying and saving money is another advantage. Furthermore, extra skills and services are provided to the host country. Individuals who immigrate are more likely to face obstacles such as different traditions and customs that they have to respect and compel to. They should also learn a new language to communicate…show more content…
They search for a better job with a higher rate of income, more job opportunities, better schools and learning systems. For example, America is known as one of the best immigration destinations. Zong (2016) states that immigrants are estimated to be 13.3 percent at 2014 from the population of the country and are increasing every year. The majority of immigrants to the U.S.A are from Latin America, especially Mexico. They come searching for job opportunities due to the lack of jobs that an individual can get. In “Immigrants do jobs native won’t do”, Caplen (2016) writes that immigrants perform different jobs in the host country such as maintenance, construction and building, companies, factories and security companies. Those jobs are categorized as minimum wage jobs that are mainly occupied by immigrants. Jahateh (2012) writes that some countries suffer from high unemployment rate such as Gambia with 22 percent unemployment rate while the other 40 percent are those who are employed but live below the poverty line. That is why many Gambians immigrate to Europe in search for a job opportunity. With better job opportunities and higher salaries, they can enroll their children in better schools and universities providing them with better education. This will mean a better job and income for their children in the future. They will reach their level of satisfaction in…show more content…
They are either persecuted because of their religion as Muslims, Jews or Christians. Political reasons also result in immigration. Women, children and the elderly suffer physically, emotionally in wars. Also, some people can be easily killed for just saying their opinion about war or anything related to it. Some people might find it hard to escape their country because the army does not allow them to. For instance, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) do not allow people to immigrate to other areas or countries (Salaheddin, 2015). As a result, people have to find other ways to escape. Violence and crime spread rapidly in cases of war. Lack of secure and safeness lead people to move out from the country to provide a better life for themselves and family. Moreover to keep their children away from crime. During World War 1 and 2 a lot of Europeans immigrated to America and North Africa. Kraut (2000) writes in his article “Immigration in the early 1900’s” that in the first decade of the new century around 9 million immigrants arrived to the U.A.S. This amount of immigrants shows people’s desire to move and start a new life even if it means leaving everything behind. Sounding countries allow immigrant to live in their country or to set camps on their boarders. They provide them with food, water and job. Nonprofit organizations send
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