Immigration In Australia Essay

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Analyse the Economic and Cultural impact of immigration in Australia. 15 marks “Australia is a multicultural nation” and this fact has some positive and negative impact to our country economically and culturally. Immigration is people moving to a country to live for a long period of time or even permanently – push and pull factors. With immigrants comes new ideas, their knowledge and most importantly their culture and tradition. But in making of this developed multicultural nation, are we losing our own culture? There are many push and pull factors in the past that has caused people to come to Australia. For e.g.: The gold rush. Population is the key in making of a developed nation that we live in today. If there had been no immigration, Australia’s…show more content…
Australian Indigenous people have their own culture, after the colonisation the western culture was a major part of Australia. After all that, due to immigration Australia has a taste of different cultures. We now eat food (pizza), play sports (tennis), and celebrate festivals (Chinese New Year) that aren’t Australian. Multiculturalism provides people with knowledge about different cultures, a taste of different food and also a taste of other country’s life. Some people believe that people coming over in not good for nations. Everything has its own pros and cons. Multiculturalism has its own cons too. Racism, is the worst part about multiculturalism. Some people believe that, if people have come over to Australia they must adapt the Australian culture. Some people find it hard to understand that it doesn’t matter if you’re a Hindu or Christian, the only thing that matters is if you’re a good human being. Discriminating or judging people based on their religion, appearance or the way they speak is how racism arises. How can anyone live a positive life with a negative mind? To maintain the multicultural community it is extremely important for people to respect each other’s identity and
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