Immigration In Texas

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Immigration in Texas
The paper if focused upon immigration in Texas. Everyday tens and thousands of people immigrate to Texas – whether for employment or making their living in Texas by many other means. Now the question arises whether the immigration is well maintained with immigration laws of Texas and whether it is good or bad for the city. The thesis is focused on the various aspects of the immigration in Texas. The immigration laws in Texas are strict and effective. The immigration law in Texas is good and beneficial for the city to effectively manage any illegal immigration. The authority takes close look by keeping regular checks in the educational institutions and employers. These laws also empower the law enforcement to check E-Verify …show more content…

The Federation for American Immigration Reform or FAIR is the sole strong controller of immigration and this is the body that gives data to the law enforcement so that they can take charge of the situation curb illegal immigration. It is because of the strong hold and the immigration law the authority could track the illegal immigrants, which helped in bringing down the illegal immigrants from 11.8 million to 10.8 million in 2007. If no law of immigration it would have not been possible for the enforcement to track the illegal immigration and put a hold to it. We will see some of the benefits of the immigration rules that make the thesis statement stronger to its point.
Law Enforcement
According to section 287(g) of Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE the Harris County, Farmers Branch and Carrollton Police cooperate with the federal authorities to the full extent to enforce the federal immigration law. The law enforcement is given the authority under the federal program called Secure Communities, which enable the rule of fingerprinting of all the arrestees and run their data through the federal databases to check if there are any criminal records (Flores, 2010).
Employment checks and Texas E-Verify …show more content…

This is kind of restricting the facilities to the US citizens so that the state fund remained for the usage of the own country people rather than the illegal aliens (Rodriguez and Hagan, 2004). As far as voting rights in the US is concerned it is mandatory to produce a valid ID proof like US Passport, US citizenship certificate, driving license or US military card. Since the illegal immigrants do not have any kind of these valid documents they are not allowed to any king of voting in the United

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