Immigration In The Red Umbrella

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Immigration seems like it has been a hot subject recently, and it’s always been like that. Being such a controversial and relevant topic, many articles and stories alike talk about immigration. Since there are many different views on the topic of immigration, there are many different texts that talk about it, that still do have their similarities. In the story, The Red Umbrella, the subject of immigration is mentioned quite a lot, just as much as it is in the article “A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Kids’”, in different and similar ways. Having a similar subject means that these two stories are bound to be similar in one way or another, right? Of course, they do. Immigration isn’t the only subject the two texts share, they also share smaller subjects, such as sacrifices parents make and separation. In Red Umbrella, the main character says, “‘They’re not going with us.’ My fear turned into anger. ‘You’re sending us away, aren’t you?’”, and her father states how he and her mother are doing this for the kids own good. In Band-Aid, kids are being left in the US because they are separated from their families, who want them to have a better life, a huge sacrifice. Another way they are similar is that the authors write them both in a neutral tone towards immigration as a whole. While they have different views on the exact situation, both are very neutral to the fact that people are immigrating and don’t think of it as a good or bad thing. Finally, both use words from actual people (dialogue from the characters in Red…show more content…
All authors have different intentions with what they write, even if two authors have the same subject. Since immigration is such a large topic with many different views, it’s important to read different texts with a different point of views to get the full side of the
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