Immigration Issue Analysis

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As more and more illegal immigrants continue to flourish in the United States, one common issue involving the economy is the job market. On one hand there are those who feel that the immigrants are taking their jobs, which makes looking for a job more difficult and furthermore causing issues in the economy. On the other, there are those who feel immigration actually benefits the economy in a variety of ways. Upon arriving to the U.S., immigrants can hardly grasp the social functions therefore leading to their first priority to find a job and a home. Immigrants that are hired are more likely to work for a lower wage however they’re very low-skilled workers. Yet some see these low-skilled workers as a contribution so the higher-skilled workers…show more content…
Thus bringing up the conflict theorist belief of society competing for scarce resources. As immigration rises, this competing will continue to grow, however the United States isn’t the only country with increasing immigration. According to the same article, Europe had a vast amount of immigrants in the 1990s, which was twice the much the U.S. had at the time. (88) Yet it still doesn’t beat the fact that the U.S. contains the most immigrants throughout the world. Why is this? Probably due to the fact that, how I mentioned earlier, most immigrants would work for a lower pay and because some employers would hire immigrant workers so it’ll save them money. The immigrants see the opportunity to start a better life and the employers see it as a…show more content…
Immigrants in the U.S. pay less in taxes due to their lack of property and low-paying jobs. This reason alone serves an issue to the U.S. because of the fact that the government greatly depends on the payment of taxes. Therefore relating to Hanson stating again in the article “Immigration and Economic Growth”, “All workers ae subject to federal income taxes, though in practice most low-income workers owe little in tax and most illegal workers appear not to file tax returns”. (Hanson 30) However this can also exclude the immigrants from federal welfare due to the reason that they are not U.S. citizens even if they ae legal immigrants. Because the immigrants aren’t legal citizens this takes away any aid from federally funded programs even though they are paying the government taxes. Another aspect is the children of the immigrants. If they are born in the U.S., they are considered legal citizens, in which they are required to attend public school and can receive Medicaid. (Hanson 30) This can also contribute to the drain of the government’s
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