Immigration Issues In Canada Essay

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The immigration issues facing Vancouver and Montreal are more similar than they seem. Despite the obvious differences in location and ethnic groups, the two problems are comparable to each other. In Vancouver, they face issues of Asian immigration, more specifically, Hong Kong. The clash of ideals and culture lend themselves to a struggle between native Canadians and Asian immigrants. When immigrants from Hong Kong come to Canada, they bring with them a specific set of ideals, backed with money to simulate the economy. Here lies the issue- shall there be actions made to retain traditional Vancouver culture, knowing that they would hurt the economy, or should they accept these Asian immigrants, knowing that their culture might be at-risk. One…show more content…
Because of this, Quebec, and more specifically, Montreal have had to accept lots of immigrants. The only problem is that immigrants are more inclined to learn English than French. One reason this is so is because English is one of the official languages of Canada and the only official language of the United States. The immigrants simply see more benefits to learning English over French. This is a problem the Quebec government has had to deal with. They have offered money, lessons, and public schooling for the immigrants to learn French. The struggle for both parties is that they both need something from each other- the government needs the increased birth rate, the immigrants need an economically viable place to live. If the government cannot find a way to increase the number of Quebecois, that part of their culture with die out. They’ve run into this problem in the past, starting with the actions to make all the signage in Montreal in French. Later, this act allowed multi-lingual signs, yet the point remains. The efforts of the government to encourage French have been great, yet might still prove to be futile in the
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