Immigration Narrative

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That night we were able to receive enough donations from family and friends to pay the bond and it was turned in and the guards told us my dad would be out the next morning so we waited. Yet an hour later a “Hold for immigration” notice popped next to my father’s name and they said they couldn’t do anything about it and the money would not be returned. My dad had been put on hold for immigration and at that moment I knew I might never see him again; I knew the chances of him having a normal life by our sides were very slim. I processed the information but it truly did not hit me until I was sitting there staring into the glass with my father staring right back at me. He was so close yet so far away. I told myself I had to be strong the entire…show more content…
She lost an immense amount of weight within those months. To make matters worse she had an accident at work causing her to no longer be able to hold her job . I remember thinking this was a sign from God that we were being punished. I remember praying night and day for my father’s return. This downfall did not only cause emotional pains but it also created an economic downfall in which I had no idea what to do. My sister, whom was simply a freshman in college became our sole provider and I remember knowing the only way we were surviving was through food stamps, Medicaid, my sisters full time job, and the help of those around us. At the age of eighteen she stepped up to the plate and made sure she made enough to pay bills. She constantly worked selflessly because of necessity. My sister served as an inspiration to me. I believe it was then that we realized that we were capable of a vast amount of things independently from my father when we had always believed it was not possible. Seeing my sister and mother work independently and not knowing the way life would play out quickly became my drive. I took this downfall and this sadness and I invested it into school. I needed to be the best I could be so my father would be able to open a report card mailed to him for Christmas with straight A’s. I had to work triple the amount of what I was already doing. It was this moment in life that I knew that no factor in life would hold me back from becoming educated and independent in order to be able to give back to my family. It was then I devoted myself to education, track, and
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