Immigration Persuasive Essay: Illegal Immigrants

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Immigration Persuasive Essay Have you seen the news lately? Well, if so then it is probably very clear that there is a large rift in one of there debating topics. That topic would be illegal immigration, and more so if illegal immigrants should be granted with a path to citizenship. In this essay the reason why illegal immigrant should not be given citizenship will be clear. And those reasons are because illegal immigrants are criminals, take jobs, and cost taxpayers money. There are many why reasons illegal immigrants should not be given a path to citizenship one of these is the fact that their criminals. Illegal immigrants are criminals so we can’t just pardon them of the laws they broke. In the article “Should Undocumented Immigrants Get a ‘Path to Citizenship’” they talk about how this method was already tried by previous President Ronald Reagan and ultimately failed. The second example of why illegal immigrants are criminals is because they help form…show more content…
The first example of illegal immigrants costing tax payers money when an illegal immigrant goes to the emergency room. In the article “Does the U.S. Need Illegal Immigrants” the text reads “Most illegal immigrants don’t have health insurance and end up seeking medical care in hospital emergency rooms those who can't afford to pay has the cost passed down to american taxpayers.” A second example of illegal immigrants costing taxpayers money is illegal immigrants whose children go to school. According to the article “Does the U.S. Need Illegal Immigrants” the text talks about that of the 113 billion dollars a year illegal immigrants cost american taxpayers 52 billions goes to educating their children. The third example of illegal immigrants costing the U.S. tax payers money comes from the article “Scenes from the border.” Where the text talks about all resources that are drained by Illegal
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