Immigration Persuasive Speech Essay

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It has been a long journey leading up to this highly anticipated moment. I stand here today due to your support and devotion to exercise one of the most important rights guaranteed to all U.S. citizens – the right to vote. Thank you, my fellow Americans, for letting your voices be heard and choosing me to lead our nation. We have a great task laid before us: to make this country greater than it ever was before. Our economy is failing, our enemies do not fear us, our citizens are being denied the medical care they deserve, Government spending is out of control, our immigration policy is not effective nor efficient, and race relations are continuously dividing our citizens. However, I urge you to not distress. Instead, you should look forward to the great future that lays just down the road. Some doubt that the problems this country faces can be fixed by the Government,…show more content…
Of the 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, it is estimated that around three-fourths are currently employed. This equates to eight or nine million jobs that Americans are not able to work because the employers do not have to pay them minimum wage. By deporting illegal immigrants, we are creating eight million jobs for our citizens and not some other country’s. With almost 95 million Americans unemployed, eight million jobs will have a dramatically positive effect on our economy. However, immigrants should be allowed to return to America if they choose to follow the proper immigration laws. Many complain that the immigration process takes too much time. I propose a merit based immigration program, where those who are willing to help in the rebuilding of America will be given priority to those who come here to evade their country’s law

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