Immigration Policy After 9/11 Essay

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The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, has not been unnoticed. Millions of people all over the world has seen this terrorist attack on TV. Many lost a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance. Today, there are still a lot of people who struggle with it. Not only people in the building were killed, but also people who were nearby and especially a lot of police officers and firefighters. What effect did this all have on the immigration policy of the United States? What were the measures that were taken after the attack?
Policy area
There are several policies that have been changed after 9/11. First of all, there were policies created, that would focus on people that are linked/could be linked to Al Qaida. After 9/11,
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This strategy is a basis plan of action, to prevent and address the continuously spread of terrorism, and most importantly, to protect the human rights while fighting terrorism. (, sd)
There were stricter rules regarding immigration and visa rules, but also antiterrorism laws. Conclusion
Currently, a lot of the initiatives that have been held after 9/11 attack, were supported and motivated by a great desire to address the national security concerns. These measures have become highly effective instruments to locate, seize, and remove illegal immigrants who aren’t a security threat. This has happened against the rise in illegal immigration.
To conclusion, the international community enough money is spend on counter-terrorism. It is very important to be able to prevent the root of terrorism in the long-run, than only fight terrorism. The immigration policy should be less strict, because they use a lot of national-based profiling, which is not correct. But, the intelligence reform is working, because there was a lot of money invested in security precautions, which meant better and more intelligence information.
However, terrorism will always

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