Annotated Bibliography On Immigration Reform

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Annotated Bibliography Beadle, Amanda Peterson. "Top 10 Reasons Why The U.S. Needs Comprehensive Immigration Reform." ThinkProgress. © 2016 - Center for American Progress, 10 Dec. 2012. Web. 7 Nov. 2016. Beadle’s article states ten reasons on why the United States needs a comprehensive immigration reform. Besides just stating reasons why we need a comprehensive immigration reform, she goes in to thoroughly explain her points and backs up her points by using statistics. Her reasons range from economic benefits that immigrants contribute towards the U.S economy to the morality of keeping children together with their families and not separating them. She states reasons that not only affect the economy as a whole but as well as the impact that…show more content…
This source is the research finding of the writers. It is the research findings of the National UnDACAmented Research Project (NURP). They break up their findings in three different figures: Resources Accessed by DACA Recipients, DACA Recipients’ Connections to Deported Individuals, and Family Members Potentially Impacted by Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In these figures, they go in and explain more thoroughly the different kinds of impact DACA has had. Their research is very detailed and specific. They talk about who and how DACA is impacting the United States. Throughout the paper they also include many facts and statistics to back up their points. At the end of their research, they offer recommendations that would further increase the impact that DACA has on the United States and its recipients. The purpose of this research project was to better understand how DACAmented recipients were experiencing their new status and benefits as DACA…show more content…
This journal is the longest one of my sources because the author goes extremely in depth to how illegal immigrants contribute in a positive way to the United States economy. He breaks up his journal into different sections such as, the Labor Market Impact of Illegal Immigration, Illegal Immigrants as Consumers, Fiscal Impact, etc. In some of these paragraphs he has sub paragraphs to go even more in detail to explain his points. He mentions important things such as taxes and public service cost. He uses many facts and statistics to back up his points and explain it all. He also goes in to explain the impact at a state level versus a federal level, this level of detail is going to be very helpful when it comes to writing my research paper. Majority of his journal is facts, statistics, and research in a very detailed way. He mentions certain things that are not mentioned in my other sources that can be helpful when writing my research paper. In his concluding paragraph he states that in all of his research it can be concluded that the illegal immigrants have a large, positive impact on the United States economy. He also mentions that future immigration policy should recognize the impact that illegal immigrants have on the United States economy, and that deportation would hurt the United States economy
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