Immigration Reform Persuasive Essay

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Currently, the presidential elections are coming up, and there are two favorite candidates to for the presidential. Hillary Clinton (democratic party), has proposed some great proposals for a change in the United States. She proposed a new immigration reform, an education policy, and a new healthcare reform. On the opposing side is Donald Trump (republican party), he proposed his own immigration reform, education policy, and also a new healthcare reform. Both, Hillary and Trump propose some great, interesting ideas for the U.S. However, Hillary Clinton is a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump. Both Hillary and Trump have attractive immigration proposals. Hillary Clinton has a new immigration reform. Hillary believes could fix…show more content…
Healthcare is an issue we have in have in the U.S. Both Hillary and Trump have proposed some new ideas to fix these issues. Hillary has proposed a healthcare proposition where healthcare will be affordable, regardless of immigration status. In addition, Hillary’s Affordable Healthcare Act will be the first ever act where woman won’t have to pay more on healthcare than men do. Moreover, her plan is to crack down on drug companies charging excessive prices and provide a new credit to those facing high health expenses. Hillary made new proposals for Healthcare,but so did Trump, he has also proposed something new on healthcare. Trump proposed to replace the Obamacare for something “terrific” for far less money for the country and people. Hillary proposes to lower the prices while, Donald Trump proposed to cut down the prices and to replace the Obamacare. Hillary’s proposal on healthcare is better than Trump’s because Hillary’s proposition, regardless of immigration status, healthcare will be more affordable. She will also invest 500 million per year, so people can enroll in extremely affordable options. Immigration, education, and healthcare are three of the important topics that U.S citizens want to hear about. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have great proposals to make America better. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have great proposals for the U.S. Yet, we seen that in these three topics Hillary Clinton is better than Donald
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