Former President Barack Obama's Remarks On Immigration Reform

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Former President, Barack Obama, in his speech, “Remarks on Immigration Reform”, the purpose is to convey how immigrants impact society in positive ways, encourage us to strengthen our country in different ways regarding immigration, and to strike against politicians against immigrants. His rhetoric is so prosperous because of his effective use in logos, pathos, and language. President Obama announced on January 29,2013 an abounding amount of executive actions to assist eleven million immigrants protection against deportation. With actions being taken during presidency a plan of action was taken in place. Prioritizing enforcement against illegal criminals, giving an opportunity for people who are here for an education, and equal rights for those who are illegal to come out of the shadows for work. He wants everyone to be treated equal even from coming to America illegally. The purpose is to strengthen the United States. The address describes insightfully that, “Eleven million men and women are now here. Many of them have been here for years. And overwhelming majority of these individuals…show more content…
They say this because many feel as if Obama is only saying what people want to hear verses sincerity. They are wrong because Obama demonstrates pathos when he discusses the last line, “Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America” (Obama 10). The phrase “God bless you” is used to wish someone safeness and happiness, especially when saying goodbye. Actions speak louder than words. Not only does Obama express that in his speech, but in everyday life. Obama cares for every individual, and makes it clear in the given speech to find solutions for the issue of immigration instead of just giving up when times got hard. Making for an appeal to pathos because it moves people emotionally and shows that Obama cares for not only people individually, but the overall
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