Immigration Reform Speech Summary

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Former President, Barack Obama, in his speech, “Remarks on Immigration Reform”, the purpose is to convey how immigrants impact society in positive ways, encourage us to strengthen our country in different ways regarding immigration, and to strike against politicians against immigrants. His rhetoric is so prosperous because of his effective use in logos, pathos, and language. President Obama announced on January 29,2013 an abounding amount of executive actions to assist eleven million immigrants protection against deportation. With actions being taken during presidency a plan of action was taken in place. Prioritizing enforcement against illegal criminals, giving an opportunity for people who are here for an education, and equal rights for…show more content…
Many of them have been here for years. And overwhelming majority of these individuals aren’t looking for any trouble. They’re contributing members of the community. They’re looking out for their families. They’re looking out for their neighbors. They’re woven into the fabric of our lives” (Obama 3-4). In other words, Obama logically claims that many immigrants have been here for years, majority are not in look for any trouble instead in hopes to provide for their families and look out for people around them. Immigrants are what have shaped America and have become very common in our daily lives. Obama emphasizes how immigrants impact our lives in positive ways (3-4). He does this to illustrate the humanity of millions of immigrants. He understands how it impacts families and the U.S. as the former president it proves in the numbers itself, “illegal crossings are nearly down eighty percent from their peak in the two thousounds” (Obama 5). He makes this statement to insure he has been acting, and that illegal immigration has gone down. He later proclaims that those who are here in America for the right reasons such as work and education are offered to come out from the shadows so that they can live here and work here legally. That we need the congress to act upon these eleven million people in a beneficial way. Facts are beneficial because they are not debatable; they represent the truth and open the audience’s eyes. Making for logos an excellent rhetorical element in Obama’s
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