Immigration Stereotypes

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Every stereotype has its own mental picture that is thought of when mentioned or talked about. For example, every time someone thinks of a cowboy they usually think of someone that is fit and lives at the ranch. Also shown in a poll created by Jo Tweedy at the daily mail shows what race and ethnicity men and women found attractive. This shows how people picture how others look by their stereotype and misconceptions of their race and ethnicity. Many people usually create a negative setting for immigrant families such as Mexican immigrants. Mexican immigrant families are usually pictured in a small house in the ghetto with gang members and criminals in the streets. Julio told me“My father worked at the fields but was the boss so he made good …show more content…

I do think many of these stereotypes came from truths that were once real. Many of the immigrants that came to America did not have money or and goal in life. Many of the cartel and gang members are from Mexico or born of a immigrant. But many of the immigrants that come to America are hard working people that do not try to hurt people and cause terror. Many of these are misconceptions that were created due to fear and arrogance made by the media and the people. I believe that many of the people that come to America are just trying of get away from the bad governments that are in place of their country. May of the immigrants are just trying to be in a safe place to start a family and have good pay. But many people believe the negative stereotypes that have been misunderstood by people who are racist or “white power”. “People did not really care if i was a immigrant or spoke a different language…”(Julio C. Orozco). Julio did not experience much negative due to the fact that he was raised in a Mexican town that was mostly Mexican immigrants. This can also counter the stereotypes of immigrants being thought of in a negative way. There are not many places north of America that are mixed in culture like places in California. Many people believe that immigrants have a role in America in the workplace. But I do not believe that this is true because immigrants are divers and do not have the same dreams as every other immigrant. There are too much negativity that is surrounding and immigrant family to have a normal life that will not be affected by racism or any other form of negativity. All of the negativity can cause terrible outcomes such as bullying and discrimination to an immigrant family. Many people think that we should fear who comes to our country and have more rules to let less in. I do not think we need to be worried of who comes to this country because there is more fear in the ones

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