Immigration Synthesis Essay

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Immigration in the past few decades have grown within the world as many are fleeing their own countries for others, by both legal and illegal means. However, with such a large influx of immigrants, this has put a notable strain on the receiving countries. Thus raising the question of what can be done and what to do with those who have illegally entered the country. In the United States the issue of illegal immigration and immigrants has progressively worsened, splitting the citizen’s opinion between either allowing them to stay or deporting every illegal within the country. On November 20, 2014 President Obama gave a speech to answer such questions with his immigration reform. Obama effectively uses emotional appeals and repetition to convince…show more content…
Near the end of the speech Obama repeats the line “are we a nation,” to question what kind of country is America when the situation calls for it. The two possible action Obama provide are to either callously turn their back on the illegal immigrant or to do what is right for both the immigrants and themselves. America’s responsibility for it following generation that their future will not be jeopardized due to the decision made now. These decisions, will determine whether or not America will act on fabled fear and make a grave mistake. Obama again uses repetition as he repeats the line “we are” this time to unify and give a sense of comradely between the citizens and the illegal immigrants. That we are a nation of immigrant and we are only here because America allowed it. Obama is reminding everyone here within the United States are immigrants. Their origin are from all parts of the world yet, all of them decided to come to America. The differences between each other are what makes them similar as well as their love of the American ideals. The ideals that anyone regardless of their standing, ethnicity, or religion can succeed with a new life. Obama is doing this to remind the people that the illegal immigrants are in the same spot as they were. So the people are in a way obligated to help the illegal immigrants have a way to
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