Immigration: The Causes And Effects Of Migration

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Migration is a phenomenon that can be traced since the beginning of life till today. History provokes many examples of Migration where people voluntarily and involuntarily move from one place to another due to many reasons and causes. No doubt migration was a painful process for immigrants as compared to present era where everything is facilitated by modern technology. Migration is neither confined to a particular era nor to particular specie. Like causes and reasons it has its different forms. Usually a person migrates for better opportunities and for the sake of bright future but this process is not a bed of roses, it has thrones too. Migration always causes problems for immigrants but there is a remarkable example in history where natives…show more content…
Displacement from one place to another whether within country or outside is not only advantageous but it has cons too. When people move they usually cause disturbance in the cohesiveness of communities. Each country and its inhabitants have its own individuality which they feel in threat when different people intermingled. Difference in languages, color, cast, dress, and religion causes “Otherness” in immigrants. These differences lead towards crimes and anti- social behavior which creates a hostile environment. Intermingling is not always bad it is full of adventure and excitement because when two cultures cross each other they discovered new things and adaption is not always frustrating it is thrilling too. This excitement can be seen in famous metropolitan cities: London and New York. Economic stability is one of the main reasons of migration. Skilled immigrants are always helpful in the economic growth which benefits all meanwhile this growth and stability causes imbalance in the position of natives because citizens always highlights negative sides of immigrants and considered them as…show more content…
This relationship is very problematic E.G. Raven- stein, noted that “woman is a greater migrant than man”(qtd. International Migration Review). Generally in migration men are considered as Heroes and women are perceived as passive companions. All the theories represent the experience of migration with the examples in which man is protagonist whereas the literature of female migration highlights important aspects of female migration. “For some women, migration may mean an increase in social mobility, economic independence, and relative autonomy” (qtd. n.pag). When economical and political responsibilities changes it also causes shift in power hierarchies in households and it become easier for women to participate in domestic stuff and family decision makings. There are some theories or literature that highlights women as immigrants and their roles in immigration. While highlighting women’s journey in immigration we cannot ignore the examples when women play a vital role in migration. As for example Indo-Pak separation and movement of Muslims, in this migration history gave us many examples where women worked as heroes and faced marginalization plus humiliation but didn’t step back. This is not a single example history books are full of

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