Informative Essay: The Issue Of Immigration

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One main problem that there has been back then and now has been in debate that immigration is either good thing or a problem, this has been an issue for centuries. Immigration is taken off as something invading and trespassing to others, but those who are immigrants see it as a passage of rights, the opportunity to have social justice in having equal rights even if from another country. What it means is that coming from another foreign country and relocating to a new one is referred to immigration . I would know, my father always told me I am lucky to have papers to have a education, to have more opportunities in life than what he had in his life. He said he struggled as a young kid getting out of school to go work to help his parents,…show more content…
Which they are due to all the revenue they give to the government, the taxes, and consumer increase. All these factors not only help the economy, but make it better. All these contribution immigrants make are justified as a major impact to the world. Having to do everything they do to move forward of their old life is what helps them go further and go to better places than they were before. There are plenty of rights that are unfair that most don’t get to have, which is unclear how can immigrants do so much to stay, provide for to the economy, and still get treated with the injustice of not getting all the benefits they should get.. The equality should be placed for everyone giving immigrants more justice and rights like everyone else does who is citizen. There still has been a large movement of migration still happening and still going to be coming because of all the resources we have now and all the opportunities evolving to better futures drag more people to come here. More convenience not only for those who are seeking to improve their life, but for us too, we would get more profit in everything, and more customs people bring. As you can see the social injustice of immigration is taken off as taking their privilege of being free and having rights are unfair and nonsense if they have done so much to earned it then they deserve it! There should be justice for all not only certain people, We are all the same just from different countries it doesn’t make them any less

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