Immigration: The Problem Of Immigration In America

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One main problem that there has been back then and now has been in debate that immigration is either good thing or a problem, this has been an issue for centuries. Immigration is taken off as something invading and trespassing to others, but those who are immigrants see it as a passage of rights, the opportunity to have social justice in having equal rights even if from another country. What it means is that coming from another foreign country and relocating to a new one is referred to immigration . I would know, my father always told me I am lucky to have papers to have a education, to have more opportunities in life than what he had in his life. He said he struggled as a young kid getting out of school to go work to help his parents, he left school when he was in 8th he dropped out and went full time working to provide for his family. Having no time to be with his friends and play with them because my grandfather told my dad he had to go to work.I asked him what he thinks about immigration and what should they do about it, and he responded with a personal opinion how he sees it as,” Mija immigration is reasonable on somethings, but not all I understand all the checking and search, but for those who need it like the really bad people out there not every single immigrant is a criminal! Only the ones with really bad records should be questioned not the civilians who just want to make a better future for themselves. To make a change for once and take a big step to a more
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