Immigration To America Dbq Analysis

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Immigration to America had its benefits and downside. America was the place to go in the 19th century people all around the world immigrated to the US. The US needed rules and regulations on entering the country due to types of things that were happening in Document 2. The positives of immigrating to the US was too good to pass up. Many people came to the US to have better life and live the american dream. Some positives in Document 2 are, “ Free Land,Free speech,and Free lunch”( Document 2). The ark has a sign next to uncle sam showing the benefits and has his arms opened with all the new passengers smiling. The Immigrating To America,1905,” The reason for their coming typically rested on the push of hardships at home - including a lack of economic opportunity, religious discrimination and political persecution - and the pull of the expectation of a better life in the "Promised Land”(Document 1). This was the people who wanted to restart in life and be successful due to things that happened in their old countries.…show more content…
In the document one there is a man traveling to the US on a steam ship with some harsh conditions. These conditions were illness and the dreadful smell of death in dark tight rooms. In document 4, shows 6 people in one room these men look ill and tired. These were probably worker who worked long hours for low amounts of money. The Chinese Exclusion Act was meant to control the chinese from coming in and rules for the ones that were already in the US. The US,”When the exclusion act expired in 1892”(document 3). These four documents showed us that immigration has changed alot over time some positive and negative. These four showed differences in how immigrating was difficult for everyone in some way. The importance of this is to respect and keep your
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