Immigration To Canada Essay

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n the twentieth century the Government of Canada decided to increase the number of immigrants coming into Canada, this step was taken to include individuals from countries where English was not the first language. The immigration policy led to an inflow of immigrants from all over the world. Now Canada welcomes between 240,000 to 265,000 people each year (Government of Canada, n.d.). An immigrant is a person who moves from their home country to another country for permanent residency (Merriam Webster, n.d.). The highest number of immigrants come from the Philippines (Government of Canada, n.d.). Coming to a new country has many barriers such as social, and economical barriers. Immigration into Canada is important because the local population is getting older and the birth rate is declining…show more content…
With the new system of express entry the government is aiming to get individuals that are better suited for the job market and they can contribute positively to the economic growth of the country. Alexander, Burleton, and Fong, (2012) state that the program also gives priority to Canadian citizens and permanent residence. The immigration system in Canada is decentralized meaning the federal government and the provincial government have immigration programs. The main issue with the provincial programs is that the requirement for the economic credential are lower than the requirements by the federal government. This has led to inflow of immigrants that are not able to integrate into the system as they are not able to find jobs, because their credentials are not what are required for the provincial economy, so these immigrants have to work low- skill jobs that are taken away from Canadian that causes lesser opportunities for citizens (Alexander, Burleton, & Fong, 2012). Also in the report written by Alexander, Burleton, and Fong, (2012) states that the provincial nominee program in the province of
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