Immigration Vs New Immigration Essay

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Throughout the history of the United States, the topic of immigration garnered numerous opinions regarding this matter and has turned into a national debate. Although there are differing perspectives regarding immigration, America has been known as a nation of immigrants.
In spite of the fact that the United States is known as a nation of immigrants, it has a history of intolerance towards immigrants.
Immigration is a type of migration that involves the act of moving from one country from another. Many types of migration began to be identified as time progressed, such as illegal immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and more. Many of these types of migrants come to the United States in need of economic opportunity or in fear of persecution. As early America developed, many migrated due to pushes and pulls. Individuals were pushed to find a new home because of poverty, overcrowding of land, lack of
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These immigrants were deemed different due their appearances. Many were more dark-skinned and spoke different languages. Many new immigrants were uneducated, therefore, they moved to the urban areas to work. Examples of new immigrants include Europeans coming in search of economic…show more content…
Overall the reception of these newly arrived immigrants proved to be an idea that was difficult to accept. Because of this struggle, immigrants faced poor conditions in manual labor jobs. They were treated poorly in society and many of these new immigrants moved to the cities and worked in factories lived in the poor city slums. This was a decrease in their quality of life as there was inadequate water, overcrowding, and disease. They faced economic obstacles, and received help from settlement houses, an example is the hull house that was started by Jane Addams in
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