Immunizations Thesis

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Within the topic of immunizations, I have decided to focus on the effects that immunizations are having on children 's immune system. My working thesis states that many more children are not being immunized, which could be a contributing to the increase in disease that we haven 't seen in years. Immunizations are the process by which doctors introduce an immunity to children through a series of vaccinations. Vaccinations are small injections of a particular stimulant to fight against the disease. Within my research, i 'm looking to prove that when people choose not to vaccinate their children that they are endangering their children and possibly other children around them. I also wanna find out if the rumors associated with vaccinations are…show more content…
The first question I came up with when I started thinking about this topic was do vaccinations cause pervasive developmental disorders such as autism and Aspergers? This question is one that is talked about the most when you think of immunizations and I believe that through my research I will not find any correlation between the two. I believe this because of what I know about autism, Iit has something to do with brain function and I don 't believe the government would allow medical professionals to give children something that would harm the brain development. Another question that came to mind was what are the effects on a child 's immune system who has been immunized vs one who has not. I hear a lot that after a baby gets vaccinations they tend to be sick for a couple days, They will have side effects such as high fevers and swelling. I can see why that would concern some parents because no one wants to see their baby suffer, But I would rather have my child be sick with something that can be solved with some Tylenol than something that can affect my child for a lifetime. My last question is that are we seeing the disease that we haven 't seen for decades now because people are vaccinating their children. I believe that it is true, we are seeing these old diseases because the disease is still out, but majority of the US are immune to it because we were vaccinated and now that it is a trend to not vaccinate your children we are seeing more and more kids getting disease that has been obsolete for years. Also, believe that because these diseases have been obsolete that the doctors do not have up to date treatment plans for them and that 's why these young children who are not immunized are catching these diseases and dying
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