3d Printing Impact Analysis

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Analysis of Impact of 3d Printing

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In this analysis of impact of 3d printing will show how 3D printing is changing our world. Through this impact analysis of 3D printing, I will determine the social, cultural, political, economical, and environmental impacts the technology is having, and how this is a good thing.
3D printing has been accepted by the public as it allows the average person to small businesses to design or download any design, then use a printer to print the design from their home or small office instead of relying on a large manufacturer. This has also lead to the technology being feared by larger manufacturers as it will reduce the number of customers purchasing
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before they buy. Amputees can even use 3D printing to make customizable 3D printed prosthetic covers that once could only be done by a tattoo artist.

The current administration appears to be supportive of 3D printing based on President Trump’s speech stating the need for 3D printing “We need to think smarter about areas where our technological superiority – and nobody comes close – gives us an edge. This includes 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and cyber-warfare” (Scott, 2016).
One reason the government would get behind 3D printing is for the military for both strategic and tactical implications, and first responding services as it gives them the ability to quickly produce high-quality, realistic prototypes with moving parts. As the technology improves, there is the possibility to set up stations in the field and print whatever tool is needed
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