Impact Assignment: Job Loss

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Impact Assignment: Part 1
Job loss
Jessica Gilman
Liberty University

Impact Assignment: Part 1: Job loss
How is the topic defined or conceptualized? I chose job loss as my topic that I want to discuss. Job loss is defined as the economic change in a company or job market. Job loss could be of many things, the company doesn’t have the funding to be able to keep a person on, requirements not being met, older age in individuals, or they just don’t want to keep that individual on due to not liking them. There are form of job loss as well and they are called layoffs where the company could be downsizing or going bankrupt because of means financially. There are lots of causes that come with job loss as well that I
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I feel as though I can relate to him. Job lost everything, his children, his health, his oxen and donkeys, servants except for one, his sheep, and his camels. Scripture says that Job knelt down pleading to God for help as he was left with nothing and no one. Job story can help lots of people going through loss of one thing or another because though he felt such sorrow, he still knelt down before God and cried out to Him asking for help. Through Job’s faith in God and how he persevered through that difficult time, God was able to bless him with more than he asked. Just like us, job had hopes and desires but also questioned God about why this was happening to him. Though he remained steadfast in his faith with God. Through the story of Job, it shows that sometimes God can put our faith to the test to learn to trust Him completely and it may hurt (Job 1-2, ESV). My point is that because of Job’s faith in God and trusting Him, God saw that in Job and therefore heard his cry for help while never giving up on God. So when we come to a point of having to go through something like job loss, we may experience lots of different emotions and feelings but to remain steadfast in our faith in God and to cling to Him for guidance and…show more content…
Human service providers should think outside the box and put themselves in their clients shoes to help in understanding what that individual or family may be going through at that time. It’s about being empathetic. In research, it says, “Job loss is related to the occurrence of depression and ensuing long-run decreased labor market involvement. The materization of depressions subsequent to job loss considerably raises the risk of continued unemployment” (Nica, Potcovaru, & Mirica, 2017, p. 194). In our textbook, it says, “Helpers who work with people experiencing job loss need to take into account such psychological consequences, namely increased stress, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, as well as physical problems that may arise, as they help clients deal with this stressful event” (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015, p.

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