Impact Door Research Paper

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Consider An Impact Resistant Door When You Buy Your New Entry Door

If you need to buy a new entry door for your home, you should consider buying one that will protect your home from danger. Impact doors are very sturdy and stand up to strong winds and intruders. Here are some things to know about these doors.

Impact Doors Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

These doors are made to stay standing even in very high winds. They are also resistant to debris that the wind slams against the door. Staying intact during a hurricane or bad storm is important for the protection of your home. When strong winds get in your house, they do a lot of damage. The wind can lift off a roof or push in driving rain that creates water damage once your door is blown open or blown out of the frame. Impact doors reduce this threat so you don 't have to worry as much about your home if you 're away when a storm hits.

The Windows Are Also Impact Resistant

Impact doors are just as attractive as other entry doors. They can have glass windows in them, but the glass is laminated so it won 't shatter or puncture easily. This means the glass may fracture if it is hit with a flying tree limb or trash can, but it won 't fly into shards or fall out of the frame. The lamination holds the glass together so wind stays out of your house.

Impact Doors Protect Against Intruders
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An impact door acts as a sound barrier, which is nice if you live near a busy street. Impact doors are often made from fiberglass with a strong plate of steel in the core of the door. A fiberglass exterior means your door will need very little maintenance. Fiberglass resists UV fading, and it tolerates water without rotting. Fiberglass doors are durable and last a long time. They also come in different colors and finishes, so you can buy one with a deep wood grain that makes it look like the door is made
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