Impact Of Advertising On Consumer Behaviour

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Of all marketing weapons, advertising has primary impact on viewers mind, as its exposure is to a large extent. Almost every one grows up in the world which is swamped with the mass media e.g. Television, Advertising, Movies, Videos, Billboards, Magazines, Music, Newspaper, and Internet. Of all marketing weapons, advertising is well-known for its durable impact on viewer’s mind, as its coverage is much broader. Advertising is a compartment of promotion mix which is one of the 4P’s in the marketing mix i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. As a promotional line of attack, advertising serves as a key tool in creating product awareness in the mind of a potential consumer to take ultimate purchase decision. Advertising,
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As the primary mission of advertiser is to reach its likely customers and influence their responsiveness, attitudes and buying behaviour, they pay out a lot of money to keep individual’s attention on their products. They need to understand what makes prospective customers behave the way they would like. It also appears that advertising may have the potential to add to brand choice among consumers. The consumer is more likely to correlate with advertisements of the brands, which have sentimental values and messages.
Advertising is to create understanding, liking and selection of products or services. The most influencing theory in marketing and advertising research is attitude towards the advertisement. yet the attitude that formed towards the ad help in influencing the consumer’s attitudes and perception towards the brand until their purchase intent(Goldsmith & Lafferty,2002).
1. Shiffman and Kanuk(2004) explains the meaning of “Consumer Behavior” as the behavior that consumer behave in the form of acquiring, buying, using, evaluating, or consuming product, service and idea to fulfill own need, and be the study of the decision making of consumer in spending resources, both money, time and power for consuming products and services that included (1) What to buy, (2) Why to buy, (3)
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According to Liebeck (1998) teenagers are now more knowledgeable. They are truly the internet Generation, and get their news and Information primarily from internet. The internet media is the most attractive and important place to advertise. Most of the young people remain glued to the internet and enjoy what they browse. As a wide range of products and services are consumed or used by children, many companies tend to target them.(Chandok,2005)

4. According to traditional hierarchy of effects models, advertising affect of advertising exposure leads to brand cognition and cognition about the ad, which then leads to the attitude towards the ad and the brand until their purchase intent ((Buttle, 1998)). Advertisers target teenagers because of their high disposable income, their influence of parental purchases, their early establishment of loyalty to certain brands and a conventional wisdom that they buy products on impulse (Fox 1996).
5. Symbolic value is expected to equate the consumers’ self image to have an impact on individual preference, where preferences may develop for certain brands because they are perceived as reflecting their own self-image or projecting an image that they aim to possess. If the meaning of a product is not associated with the consumers’ self image, it may have little impact on purchasing
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