Impact Of Advertising On Korean Advertising

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Research Topic: Impact of celebrity endorsement advertisement on consumer purchasing behaviour of Korean cosmetic products in Malaysia among college students in Malaysia
Chapter 1: Introduction In these days, advertising has become one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools to reach target audience among marketers. Every day consumers expose to numerous kind of advertisements. Among the type of appeals used in advertisements, celebrity endorsement is the most common appeal used especially in the cosmetic product advertisements as celebrity has a great impact on the consumers. Meanwhile, as the Korea culture hits our country, the environment of the country has been changing tremendously and it affects the purchasing behaviour of
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In addition, there also more and more East Asian countries such as China and Vietnam are importing Korean beauty and skin care goods and cosmetic products into their countries (Cho, 2005). According to Euromonitor International, the international brands in Taiwan felt a slowdown as young consumers has turned to purchase Korean brands and there are more Korean brands increasing in all distribution channels for beauty and fashion (Euromonitor International,…show more content…
These famous celebrities are deeply influential to the general public and this is why companies spend huge amount of money in paying celebrities to endorse their products and brands (Erdogan, 1999). Marketers hope that such an endorsement will induce favourable attitudes towards the brand and ultimately affect sales and profits by increasing consumers’ preference for the

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