Impact Of Anime

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Introduction to Anime
Yes, I know what you’re thinking - how does anime & Cosplay affect the world?
Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, targeted at adults as well as children (January 18, 2011). What drives people to watch anime is its amazing effects and interesting concept. It is so common in the world that it has become a lifestyle to many.

Japan came up with putting commercials of Japanese anime, like in comics, books, games, apparel, music and even in snacks around the world. As the World got exposed the other facets of Japanese culture plus their animations, it left a significant impact on them. What’s more amazing is that even though it originated in Japan, anime spread like wildfire and managed branched out to many parts of the world (Michael Hoffman).

Gone were the days where people would go out and hangout with their friends during their free time, as now anime takes over. The impact was so great that for most people, anime revolves around their life, be it travelling, during lunch, during their break or even in the toilet. This doesn’t only happen in Japan, but it also affected almost the whole world (Michael Hoffman, JUN 2, 2013).

Anime even influenced people to start cosplaying like the characters in the shows. Many people, or their given names “Otaku”, are willing to spend a huge amount of money to rent/purchase the robes and costumes just to cosplay their favorite character.


The history of anime began at the start of the

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