Impact Of Brand Branding In Textile Industry

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Introduction In India, textile industry plays an important role and contributes to economic growth. It is a part of the textile industry and about half of the textile export comes from readymade garments. Textile industry in India is also one of the major sources of employment. India is one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing readymade garments from international markets. The industry is growing rapidly so it is important to know the consumers perception for branded readymade garments. It is important to find out what a customer wants from a brand and what the reasons are for shifting to other brand and what the reason is behind purchasing branded apparels. What is a brand? A brand can be a product or a service or a concept which is differentiated from other product, service or concept. A brand name is the name of the product, service or concept. It can be a name, symbol, design, sign or symbol which distinguishes one product from other in the eye of the customer. Branding is a way of communicating or marketing for a company and it also helps a company to create a lasting impression in the minds of the consumer. The key component of a brand is brand identity, brand communication like logos and trademarks, brand loyalty, brand awareness and other branding strategies. A brand is a promise that the customer can expect a long term security and it delivers functional as well as emotional benefits. What is brand awareness? The probability that the customers are

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