Impact Of Capitalism On The American Dream

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America is a culture of ideology and one of our society’s core beliefs is the American Dream. The American Dream is a concept that describes how opportunity awaits even the poorest of us who are willing to work hard and apply ourselves. One of the cornerstones of the American Dream is capitalism, but what if this very idea that America holds sacred has become a lie and capitalism has turned that dream into a nightmare? What if capitalism is responsible for ensuring that poorest members of society, no matter how hard they work or how much they apply themselves will never move up the financial ladder? The American Dream assumes a level playing field, but capitalism has stacked the deck in favor of the privileged few and the competition’s head start is a few yards short of the finish line. Capitalism is not only responsible for the…show more content…
Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which an individual recognizes their potential, is able to cope with everyday stress, is productive and has a meaningful place within their community. As early as 1958, the relationship between low economic status and the elevated incidence and prevalence of mental illness became apparent. Numerous studies (Hollingshead & Redlich, 1958) have linked poverty with increased rates of emotional disturbance and identified the lack of treatment facilities available for treatment. There are fundamental hurdles that the poor face in regard to mental health. The poor are more often exposed to dangerous environments, stressful work surroundings, unrewarding jobs, and are frequently subjected to layoffs and unemployment. Additionally, the poor are more likely to lack the basic necessities of life and be cut off from mainstream society. This isolation and lack of community support leads to depression and increases the risk of mental health problems and suicide (Murali & Oyebode,
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