Impact Of Celebrity Endorsements

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Advertisement by involvement of celebrities becomes an essence in modern competitive marketing environment for high recognition and creation of strong product perception. These days this practice has been extremely noteworthy and the impact celebrities have on people is unparalleled. The practice of celebrity endorsements has proliferated over time. Nowadays it has become a pervasive element of advertising industry. Celebrity endorsement business has become a multi-million industries. Marketers use celebrity endorsers to influence the purchase decision of consumers in order to increase their sales and extend their market shares. In a country like India which is known for adoring its celebrities, organizations have found an open door to influence…show more content…
This exploratory and quantitative research is aimed to assess the impact of celebrity endorsement in consumers’ purchasing decisions. The principle goal of this study is to look at the relationship or effect of big name on a brand and to further analyse consumers’ perception towards effectiveness of such endorsements on their brand loyalty. The students of different universities as respondents has been taken to know their perception regarding the celebrity and its attributes and the impact of celebrity endorsement on their buying behavior. It is concluded that celebrities endorsed advertisements are more attractive than the non-endorsed advertisements. Moreover, the tested attributes of celebrity show positive relationship with the buying behavior and brand perception as well. It also proved that there is a significant impact of celebrity endorsement on the buying behavior. Finally, the results of the study further proved that there is a significant impact of celebrity endorsement on the buying behavior of…show more content…
How successful these commercials are, that is what companies always struggle to understand.
Products associated with celebrities appear to have a greater impact on consumers than products that have never previously been associated with a celebrity. However, using testimonials by famous people simply because of the power the technique offers, without concerning oneself with the appropriateness of the message leads to a loss of credibility by breaking contact with reality.
The personality chosen to make the endorsement must have specific characteristics, which will vary depending on the company’s business sector and, in addition o these, must actually consume the product they advertise because otherwise the celebrity’s seal of approval will end up selling the product, but will not contribute to building brand identity due to a lack of consistency. Therefore, successful campaigns are the result of correctly matching the celebrity and the message to the brand, because, when both celebrity and brand have values and followers in common, the benefits are multiplied, both for the brand and the

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