Impact Of Child Labor On Human Rights

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Child Labor influence on human rights In recent years, there has been an increasing issue. That is child labor. Child Labor is a significant issue in the whole world. Many news and media exposed that factors and companies still use child labors. Protect and safeguard (preserve) human rights are a based moral principle. The British industry likes a vampire, only by sucking blood and sucking the blood of the children to survive (Marx, 2008). They buy the young people and make them become production of surplus value of tools. Thus they can save their costs which are spent on materials, equipments and salaries. Children are arranged to live in serious environment. Although using child labor gives industries benefits, these are minor compared to the disadvantages which it has a great bad influence on human rights practices. Child Labor impacts on human rights practices from three aspects. They are organizations, government and companies. One impact child labor has had on human rights issue is organization about aid. “The International Labor Organization (ILO) launched the World Day Against Child Labor in 2002 to focus attention on the global extent of child labor and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it” (World Day Against Child Labor, 12th June). It is a significant day. Each year on 12th June, governments, employers and workers, organizations, as well as millions of people from around the world would discuss and do something to help child labor. For example,

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