Impact Of Chinese Immigrants On The Bahamas

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DeAndre Bethell BGCSE Coursework: Question 2 “EXPLAIN THE IMPACT MIGRANTS HAD ON THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE BAHAMAS IN THE TWENTIETH (20TH) CENTURY?” The sources “Chinese in the Caribbean The Genie Projects” and “The Story of the Bahamas” by Dr. Paul Albury, give us an inside look as to the impact migrants had on the social and economic development of The Bahamas in the twentieth (20th) century. During the late 1900’s, groups such as the Chinese, Jewish, Greeks, and the New England came to The Bahamas in a large population. These immigrants migrated to the Bahamas and influenced many with their social impacts and economic development around Nassau. The Chinese immigrants have had the most drastic social and economic impact on the development of The Bahamas in the twentieth century, dating all the back to the early 1880’s. Originally known to Bahamians as “Celestials,” the Chinese-Bahamians slightly impacted the Bahamas socially with their culture. Their language, population, appearance, and food were introduced and gradually are becoming more and more prominent in the Bahamian society in everyday conversation, stores, and restaurants. After the dance of the millions in Cuba, the original Chinese immigrants ventured to the Bahamas and brought with them their familiar Hispanic last names. From the Chinese first migrated to the Bahamas, this group of individuals socially impacted the Bahamas firstly with their last names. As a result of their surnames and

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